Celebrate your Class of 2024 Plebe with a professionally built hardcover photo-book and unlimited digital downloads of images from Plebe Summer events.

This year, Legacy Studios is launching a brand-new photo-book experience! Parents will pay one flat fee to gain access to all of the fantastic images we take during plebe summer and build a personalized 40-page hardcover book of their midshipman!

To make sure your book is beautiful and easy to create – Legacy studios will pre-build the 40-page photobook with beautiful images of the US Naval Academy and pre-set templates. You can drag and drop the photos you want from plebe summer into our pre-made templates. Eight pages of the book will be fully customizable! Parents can even upload their own photos to use in the book. Images from send-off parties and visits to campus are a perfect way to make your book special.

Legacy Studios is proud to be the exclusive photography partner of NABSD. Only our team of professional photographers has access to all the restricted training areas and will be by your Plebe’s side every step of the way.

To build your own book, highlighting your Plebe Summer journey:

  1. Click the button above
  2. Enter your email address and purchase the Plebe Summer Package
  3. You will receive an email, giving you access to our Book Building Website to build YOUR CUSTOM PLEBE SUMMER BOOK
    • IMAGES of PLEBE SUMMER will be automatically uploaded to the site weekly, for you to choose and place on pages.
    • UPLOAD your personal images you want to place on your pages.
    • When you are satisfied with your content, SUBMIT the pages and the  12×12 inch book will be delivered to your home.

** We HIGHLY RECOMMEND consistent review of the images we will be uploading. There will be literally thousands of images to view and locate your midshipman for your custom content. Don’t wait until the end of PLEBE SUMMER to start your book.

Questions? Contact Us!